Monday, August 17, 2009

Uber Stoked

Kid Cudi - Man on the Moon: the End of Day "Scenelisting"
I am most excited for "Pursuit of Happiness" and it will be released as the next single soon.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Why I Ryan Thomas Evans Stopped Blogging

Hello Readers (Tim maybe Jared)...I wanted to just let you know how I'm feeling about the blogging world lately and why I have took such a long hiatus. I am all for blogs I read about six a day no joke. 

My Blogroll (in the order I read them)
(and maybe like three more)

What I have realized is everyone and there mother seem to have a blog or write for a blog...and most of it is just recycled information from another blog. Everyone just bites information from each other and we never really find out the true source it came from. My top four blogs on the list most of the time have the same shit as each other and for some reason I still read them and check them almost three times a day (quite unhealthy). Myself included when I post on I normally just take a video or song I saw on the rap up or 2 dope boyz give you the link and maybe give you my opinion on it. I started this blog with Tim to try and do the opposite. I wanted Tim and I to document adventures, take pictures, give you our opinion on restaurants, maybe review an album or two if we love them. It really just became another information biting blog, that never really shows you insight into the two creative people Tim and I are. For instance Tim fucking made ketchup the other day. FUCKING COOKED IT, and it was delicious. I on the other hand create music, I sit in my room and listen to records and create music. Jared (not a member of T and R but he adds to the point I'm making) paints, I luckily got to see one of his works and it blew me away...Seriously Jared It's Amazing..It's not just a hobby your mad good..

All I'm saying is blogs don't show the reader how creative we are or what amazing individuals we are..It does the exact opposite it shows how we all like the same thing so we post it on our blog for other people to read and just inspires nobody...So I myself RYAN THOMAS EVANS will only blog on Thanks and Regards and JTR if I feel inspired to, but right now I'm feeling like I want to make music and ride my bike.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

We Just Be Hyperizin'

This video has become a favorite over here at T & R and it deserves to be posted here. It features the Sixers' own Andre Igoudala, or @AI9 for the Twitter folks. He and Thaddeus Young will make an appearance to promote the shoes at the House of Hoops grand opening event in the Cherry Hill Mall on August 16th. You can read more about that here: Watch and enjoy:

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thank God For Five Panels

New Hats from Stussy for the Fall Season..and thank god there is five panel hats and snap backs in this collection cause thats my shit right now..



Friday, August 7, 2009


I'm Good

Sick Feel Good Video with a Sick Feel Good Song...End of story


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Something on All Our Minds

I think I can speak for many people by saying that I thoroughly enjoy all of the music that Ryan has put out this year. I believe the last song he released was "Higher Thought" (which is sick) and I was fortunate enough to hear a few other tracks from the album and they all are gnarly. And that leads me to the title of this post, I think something that is on all of our minds is when can we expect the debut album Higher Though from Ryan Evans? Who knows, maybe after he sees this post he will make an announcement. We can only hope...


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bloody Beatroots x The Cool KIds

Yes Bloody Beatroots the Italian Dance Duo Team up with my favorite HipHopHipster Group The Cool kids to release The Bloody Beatroots' first single "Awesome". Off of the The Beatroots; highly inticpated album Romborama filled with dirty house techno beats and some guests, I think it will be one of the best house albums to come out in a long time.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sneaker Pimps Coming to our City

Yes it's true the infamous sneaker pimp show is coming to the starlight ballroom in philly on August 8Th...If your not familiar with sneaker pimps it's almost like a car show but instead of hot cars their is the flyest kicks...There will be rare shoes and kicks you might not be able to pick up around here for sale...Also Clipse is performing..The usual get a hip hop act that enjoy sneakers as much as every other sneaker head there..

Check out

for more info